Schoolroom Snippets - Or Torture By Chocolate


Going back to school after the long summer recess is always
a challenge, as much for teachers as for students!

But for me there’s always been one particular aspect that’s
been sheer torture - at least since I started at Notre Dame
over ten years ago. And it’s still the same, even though I
only go there a couple of days a week now.

No, it’s not preparing for classes or teaching students -
believe it or not, teachers always enjoy getting new courses
under way once they’re ‘through the door’ and back into the
school routine.

For me it’s walking along the Home Economics corridor (or

You see, the Guidance Department, where I do a lot of my
work, is situated in a cosy corner at the end of the
building. And to get there you have to walk through the
Home Economics corridor.

The problem?

It’s the irresistible aroma from the cooking and baking.
Sheer torture, when you’re trying to watch your waistline!

But I’ve only myself to blame.

For many years I made a point of proclaiming myself the
Official Taster.

On my way to and from the Guidance Department, I’d call into
the classrooms and compliment the kids - and their teacher! -
on the great work they were doing.

And, of course, I was asked to sample the goodies. Well, how
could I refuse? That would have been most ungracious!

Funny how my visits used to coincide with big occasions at
school - for example, when visitors were expected - and the
girls were busy baking cakes, pastries, chocolate treats,
the works!

And boy, did they do a good job!

So inevitably the old waistband tightened and a few spare
inches appeared from nowhere.

These days I’m sticking to a new regime - well, I’m trying
- which involves cutting down on sugar and chocolate.

And guess what?

In the Home Economics Department they’re
now having a big drive toward more healthy eating. And
apparently that doesn’t mean giving up the ‘goodies’

They’re producing all kinds of calorie-controlled, low-
sugar, low- fat creations with only the finest, good-for-you
ingredients. They even produce a delicious, ‘healthy’ ice-

Music to my ears! Maybe the days of torture are over . . .


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