Gary And Rory: Update


This is where I live. My house is in there somewhere, on the edge of the town of Erskine, Scotland. It’s just before sundown!

So far there’s been no success in tracing the mother of Gary, the new-born baby abandoned in woods near Edinburgh. The search continues.

There has been significant progress in the hunt for the killer of Rory, the twelve year old boy who never turned up on the first day back at school.

We now know the police broke into the house of someone matching the description of a person seen loitering near the spot where Rory’s body was found.

In the house they found the dead body of the man, who had apparently hanged himself. There are as yet unconfirmed reports in the media that Rory’s school bag was found with him.

It also transpires that this man was a sex offender and was on bail, due to appear on further charges of the same nature.

The only good news to emerge is that the Scottish Parliament is now proposing legislation which would make possessing and accessing extreme internet pornography illegal.

Does everyone agree with me that it’s about time too?

Well no, everyone doesn’t agree.

On BBC TV the other day a Dr Chris Evans was complaining that such measures would be a serious infringement of our civil liberties. No material should be banned and we should all be free to make up our own minds.

There’s no conclusive proof, he claims, that viewing this stuff on films, TV and via the Internet affects people adversely.

Well, I for one don’t need academic proof.

When the rise in violent and sexual crimes goes hand-in-hand with the rise in violent pornography, common sense tells me there’s a link!

I wonder, would Dr Chris be happy to let his kids play around the street when he knows his next-door neighbour is polluting his mind with images of sadistic and sexual crimes against children?

Oh dear, let’s not infringe the poor guy’s civil liberties. Let’s forget about the fact that there’s a serious public order issue here and that our kids are regularly attacked by people who do this.

My advice to Dr Evans is - please! - go back to the Planet Zog or whatever wacky place gave you a doctorate . . .


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