Back To School

It’s back to school time here in Scotland.

You often hear Scottish kids complain that English schools go back two weeks later, but everyone conveniently forgets that in England they don’t break up for summer until well into July!

This is our local high school here in Erskine. Not a soul to be seen, as they’re all inside getting down to the new term’s work.

High School

On a more serious note, Scottish parents have been rocked by two news items in the last week or so. Both are tragic - although, thankfully, one has an element of hope.

They concern two little boys, one named Gary, the other Rory.

Gary is a new-born baby, but was abandoned and left in a wooded area near Edinburgh. He was discoverd by a police officer doing his patrols, and taken to the local hospital where he is being cared for.

He is in good health, and the hospital staff have named him after the officer who brought him in.

A search is now under way to find Gary’s mother, and there are serious concerns about her health, both physical and emotional.

The other case will have no happy outcome.

Rory was an eleven-year old boy, who was apparently having a tough time. His grandmother, to whom he was particularly close, died recently. There were unhappy circumstances at home, and his best friend had moved to another part of the country.

Rory didn’t want to go back to school, and we can only assume that when his mother dropped him off by car, instead of going into school he sneaked off quietly.

A few days later his body was discovered in a wooded area, and the cause of death was asphyxiation. A murder enquiry is now well under way.

Now, let’s consider this.

Every year, it seems, we hear of a relentless stream of crimes against children. The world over - and Scotland is no exception! - we hear of all kinds of abuse, often ending in the torture and deaths of these innocent kids.

Gary’s mother was probably a victim herself who felt she couldn’t cope with the birth of a child, and he was left abandoned where it was unlikely anyone would find him.

But what led her to that course of action?

The failure surely lies in part with society itself: why did the mother feel she could NOT turn to family, friends, social services or any of the churches?

Her state of desperation must have built up over a period of time - so where were we when this was happening?

Holly, Jessica, Millie, Rory - and, sadly, many more - are familiar names in the UK. They are the names of kids whose lives were violated in an increasingly lawless and valueless society.

The big question:

Why do we ALLOW the media to pollute society with violent and pornographic images, ones which show no respect for life and which encourage people to lower their standards of behaviour?

And often this behaviour is fuelled by easy access to drugs and alcohol, yet our politicians do little to curb it!

Some argue there’s no proof that the rise in violent and porno films (PLUS the example of so-called celebrities) contributes to the rise in crime and lack of respect for others.


It’s just pure coincidence, then, that the rise has gone hand-in-hand with these crimes?

  • A few weeks ago a teenage boy was found guily in court of the rape of his teacher
  • A youth was found guilty of murder by shooting a toddler with an airgun
  • A twelve-year old girl is on trial for hanging another toddler from a tree and leaving him for dead . . .
  • No, there’s no connection between violence and pornography in films and music and the horrors we have now come to expect with relentless regularity!

    Our kids deserve better!

    We ALL deserve better!


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