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Smart Thinking
- Confidence and Success Sorted!


Providing kids with school help will boost their confidence, but how do we do it?
This was my first non-fiction book. I wrote it to help my students with the challenges they were facing in their everyday lives - at home, at school and in the wider community.

‘Being confident’ is vital for success, so I hope this book can be helpful to both young people and their parents.

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Piccadilly Press, London
"All teenagers have the potential to be successful: it's all about belief. Smart Thinking shows them how to develop this belief - to overcome their fears, leave the comfortzone and grow in confidence. It helps teenagers to tackle their limiting attitudes and step out of negative patterns with tips and examples on using affirmations, setting goals, and being assertive and positive. "

The Guardian
“An engaging, clear and positive exploration of the nature of self-belief. Well worth making available - and reading yourself."

Teaching Thinking magazine
"After a few pages I was hooked ... I found many wise words and good advice..."

The Sunday Post, Scotland
"Smart thinking, Sir! Glasgow teacher Frank McGinty is revolutionising classes."

Teen Titles
"Really helpful"

Teenage Reviewer, RTE (Ireland)
"Excellent book. I would recommend it to over 13s. Anyone doing exams would find it an extremely valuable read. 10/10"

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‘Smart Thinking’
From Chapter 11

http:///Home.html(Theme: Don't wait to ‘get into the mood’ before doing something: work at it and it'll come. Also, value and appreciate yourself and you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish.)

Many students think they have to be 'in the mood' before doing something creative like writing, drawing or music. But human nature is such that if we waited until the mood came upon us we would rarely attempt anything! Inspiration is not like lightning; it rarely strikes, not even the most gifted.

Musicians, artists and writers the world over tell us that they don't wait until the spirit moves them. They have to get down to work whether they feel like it or not, and move the spirit! It's when you've made that positive step and got underway that creativity will blossom.

There's also a physical dimension to this. You're more likely to feel positive about new people and new situations if you feel good about yourself. As you go about your life you can make yourself feel special or on top or relaxed, or however you want to feel, by the way you dress and present yourself.

Marie's Story

http:///Home.htmlAn American colleague tells the story of a very cruel joke played on a high school girl, Marie, who was, to put it mildly, rather plain. Her hair was lank and in poor condition, her complexion could have been clearer, and she had very little, if any, skill with make-up. She was rather overweight and her dress sense was unflattering.

At the beginning of the semester some boys decided they would make fun of her by constantly paying her compliments. They would pass by and one would say, 'Nice dress, Marie!' Later it would be, 'Great hair-do!' and the rest would snigger behind her back. Over the term the phoney compliments continued: 'Cool sweater!', 'Wow, you're lookin' good, Marie!' - while the others stuck their fingers down their throats as if being sick.

As the year went on they teased Marie about which lucky guy she would invite to the prom. She even had a chance, they told her, of being voted Homecoming Queen.

There was just one snag. Marie never ever knew they were mocking her. She never saw the antics behind her back; she took their compliments at face value!

And a subtle change took place.

Over the months the 'positive' feedback paid off. Thinking she was the centre of attraction, Marie began to take an interest in herself. She lost some weight, took more care over her hair, learned how to apply make-up effectively, and gained the confidence to be more adventurous with her clothes.  Well, Marie never got to be Homecoming Queen. But for the first time in her life she was an eye-catcher and was in great demand at the prom! The cruel joke had backfired in the nicest possible way . . .

You've probably been told, 'Don't judge by appearances', yet appearances have such a profound effect on everything we do. The fact is, the way you appear, or think you appear, can have a very large bearing on your confidence and, therefore, on your performance.

(End of extract)

We all use only a tiny fraction of our potential. Why not learn how to make the most of yours?

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