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"If you're not influencing your kids  -  who is?"

 "Revealed! - The Simple Secrets
Of Successful Parenting"

Apply These Strategies Quickly And Effectively
For Your Children's Benefit  -  And Your Own!

Do you yearn for the day you'll not only have peace in your home, but enjoy a loving, relaxed and mutually beneficial relationship with each of your kids? 

One in which fun, confidence and self-assurance are the order of the day?

Then now's the time to do something about it!

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The P.E.A.C.E. Formula: 
Secrets Of Successful Parenting

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From the Desk of Frank McGinty,
Author and Teacher

Dear Fellow Parent

If you want to turbo-boost your parenting skills and experience dynamic, long-term results, then this brand new e-book is definitely for you.



“A thoroughly professional job. This book deserves to be famous!”
Rob Parnell, Australia

“Your book is deeply insightful and very, very practical. I am now reassured and confident about my family’s future. I want to shake you by the hand! Thank you so much.”
Fiona, Scotland

"I felt uplifted and inspired. So many things have now clicked into place. The PEACE Formula rocks!"
Denny, Canada

What do you want most in your parenting?

  • An understanding of your kids’ basic needs?
  • Strategies for ensuring they develop confidence and self-esteem?
  • Skills for raising well-disciplined, happy and contented kids?
  • Tactics for avoiding the emotional whirlpools that sometimes drag whole families down?
  • Or maybe you just want reassurance that you’re already doing a fantastic job!

Hello, I'm Frank McGinty. Over the last twenty years I've worked as a teacher, an educational consultant and an author and I've met thousands of parents, just like you.

I've yet to meet one who was NOT concerned about the trend
the world has taken, with its potentially
damaging effects on their children.

I'm sure you know what I mean:


  • Exposure to low standards of behaviour through the media and the example of so-called celebrities
  • Keeping the 'wrong company'
  • Drugs and alcohol abuse
  • Promiscuity and attendant STDs
  • Stress or lack of progress at school
  • Worry about career prospects . . . and so on.

The result?  Friction in the family, poor parent-child relationships, tears, sadness and general discontent . . .

Where will it all end? you ask yourself.

Sorry to depress you, but for many this is the harsh reality, isn't it?

And if these concerns and anxieties are plaguing you, there's

Good News

You see, I have an advantage over you.  My three kids are now moving into adulthood  - and we've survived.

Not only that, we're united, we're happy, we're achieving  - and we look back and laugh at some of the storms we weathered.

I now have a burning desire:

I want to share the insights I've gained with you.



From Martin Avis,

As soon as I opened the pdf, I found that a combination of Frank's excellent writing style, and the fascinating content had me hooked.

The old joke says that the real trouble with kids is that they don't come with a handbook. Frank McGinty has now written that handbook and every parent would get a huge benefit out of reading it.

This is not some dry text book on parenting that has been written by an academic who has no idea about kids in today's world and who can only suggest ideas that are so out-dated as to be counter-productive (and yes, I've seen too many books like that).

Frank is a father, a teacher and a counsellor who really understands what makes kids tick AND has the skills to communicate his experience in a very warm, readable way.

Frank's book, until he comes to his senses, is priced at about half of what I would charge for it - and it would still be cheap at that!


As I said, I've been around families for years.  I've also had training and much experience in education and psychology.

Some of that experience has been heart-rending.  I've seen families with great potential lose it all.

Yet most of that experience has been inspiring. So many families have dug in, risen above their challenges  - and achieved reconciliation and lasting happiness.

I understand kids and how their minds work.  In fact I began my writing career with them in mind. But don't take my word for it. 

Here's what others have said about my writing.

On 'Smart Thinking' (for teens):
"An engaging, clear and positive exploration of the nature of self-belief for an age group often accused of arrogance or moody silence. Well worth making available - and reading yourself."
The Guardian (a leading UK newspaper)

"After a few pages I was hooked ... I found many wise words and good advice..."
Teaching Thinking magazine

"Excellent book. I would recommend it to over 13s. Anyone doing exams would find it an extremely valuable read. 10/10"
Teenage Reviewer, Radio Telefís Éireann (the Public Service Broadcasting Organisation in Ireland)

On 'Take The Sting Out Of Study':
"A very practical guide to studying the easy, healthy way. Includes a series of excellent study tips for the average teenage student."

"Stop worrying, start learning. If you're the kind of person who keeps putting off getting down to some serious swotting, then read Take The Sting Out Of Study."
The Sunday Post, Scotland

"This entertaining resource will inspire students to make better choices and help them to be the very best they can be."
Pembroke Publishers, Canada & USA

Order The P.E.A.C.E. Formula now
Here are some compelling reasons for investing in The P.E.A.C.E Formula

                                 PEACE Formula cover      

It draws on traditional values of LOVE, RESPECT and TOLERANCE, and from this firm foundation you will heighten your awareness of:

undefined How to relax and raise your own self-esteem
undefined How to stand up for yourself when kids are unreasonable or demanding
undefined How to lay down the law when necessary
undefined How to forge bonds that will last a lifetime
undefined How to promote courteous communication between all members of your family
undefined How to recognise, cope with and help your kids rise above their irritability, anxieties, depression and other morbid trends
undefined How to cope and win through in a crisis
undefined How to manage school issues positively
undefined How to ensure your kids are well equipped for school success
undefined How to recognise and help your kids eliminate the physical and emotional blocks to concentration
undefined Plus, proven strategies for keeping the lines of communication open

And at the end of the book you can read about the parents' survival kit and the tongue-in-cheek P.E.A.C.E. Formula to help you on your way.

It took years to develop the knowledge and skills I use in my work with parents and their kids.

Now these have been distilled into an accessible, easy-to-read handbook that you'll enjoy coming back to again and again.

And consider how you can use the e-book format.

The key is flexibility.

undefined You can download the book anytime, 24/7
undefined You can read it on screen last thing at night to let the ideas sink in and let you awaken in a positive frame of mind
undefined Or you may prefer to read it early in the morning when your concentration is at its best
undefined You can print off a copy, then at the weekend or in the evening switch off the TV, curl up on the couch and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you're seriously investing in your family
undefined You can take the entire text or just a few chapters to work.  Use that 'dead time' on the bus or train to highlight or annotate the text
undefined Then use those skills at home.  Your kids will love you for it!

So, how much is this worth to you?

Download The  P.E.A.C.E  Formula today for $30.00

Click on either button below to order through secure server

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And as a Thank You I'll give you these very special bonuses FREE.

Bonus #1  Special Report

'How To Combat The Concentration Crisis In Our Schools' by Frank McGinty

Teachers are complaining that many children are over-active and find settling down and sustaining concentration a major challenge.  This report will help you make sure your kids are not among them.

Bonus #2  Special Report

'Guaranteed Success Thinking' by Jim Edwards

In The P.E.A.C.E Formula I give lots of reasons why parents need to see to their own confidence and self-esteem first of all. In this outstanding report Jim Edwards will show you exactly how to do that.  Highly, highly recommended!

And now,
here is my personal guarantee


I am confident that The P.E.A.C.E Formula lives up to the claims that have been made.

If, for whatever reason, you feel this is not so, I'll give you a no-quibble, no-questions-asked refund. 

And you can keep the e-book and the special reports. That's my promise.

Click here to order right now

In conclusion, please accept my very best wishes for a long, happy and fulfilling life with your family and loved ones.

Frank McGinty, BA Hons, Dip. Ed.
Author and Teacher

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