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My Writing To Date 

Another Life

 Another Life by Frank McGinty

This is my first novel. It's set in a modern high school and is about a girl who has a rather unusual - and terrifying! - problem. Hope you enjoy it . . .

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Smart Thinking Smart Thinking by Frank McGinty


This was my first non-fiction book.  I wrote it in an attempt to help my students with the challenges they were facing in their everyday lives - at home, at school and in the wider community.  I hope it can be of some help to you too.

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Take the Sting Out of Study

 Author Frank McGinty

I wrote this, my second non-fiction book, because I was constantly astonished at the number of gifted young people I met who were failing to get anywhere near their potential. Why? They lacked basic study skills - and often their belief in themselves could have been better too!

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The P.E.A.C.E Formula
- Secrets Of Successful Parentingundefined


This is a downloadable e-book for parents  - although teens who are going through a hard time might find it useful as well!       

If the lines of communication between parents and young people are, to put it mildly, rather strained, then reading this will help both parties understand where the other is coming from.

And an understanding of how another party thinks  in a relationship is always a plus . . .

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 And on the way . . .

Coming soon are two novels for 8 -12 year old readers - although like most writers, I don’t like putting books into categories!

Unfinished Business

This is about a girl, Hannah, who has a ghostly visitation when she and her parents move into the old house that’s been in the family for years. She is led on a supernatural journey of murder and mystery, and has to face a challenge that threatens her very own life.

My Sister Serena

Time for a light-hearted change! Serena is well-meaning young girl with a heart of gold. - But everywhere she goes she unwittingly causes chaos! Enjoy her escapades of mayhem and madness, as told through the eyes of her doting twin brother, Alfred.

He and Serena have been targeted by a mysterious pair they call The Odd Couple. But why?

My current project . . .

While we’re waiting for the two novels to get through the publishing and printing process, I’m working on another ghost story. Details soon!

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