Frank McGinty     author and teacher

"When Parents Were Asked
 'What Do You Want Most For Your Kids?'
 Over 90% Gave The Same Answer"

Throughout my teaching career
I've made a point of asking parents
what they want most for their young children and teenagers

Over 90% gave the same answer:


http:///Home.htmlLike them, you probably list a happy, healthy, confident family as your top priority.

We live in a time of unprecedented change, don't we?

There is a wave of anxiety, not just among parents, but in society in general. And it's reaching epidemic proportions.

In times past, for example, a young person could look forward to a job for life.

Today the future is more uncertain, and the experts tell us that frequent career changes are becoming the norm.

And what about the pace of change in technology?

You may have started your family only twelve or thirteen years ago, but even then you didn't have access to the Internet, the World Wide Web, and cellphones.

Your Growing Family

It's hardly surprising, then, that faced with all these uncertainties and changes, parents are concerned about their growing families. http:///Home.html

Young children and teenagers need confidence to face and enjoy this new world we find ourselves in.

Here’s Some Great News

Studies in psychology and the functioning of the brain indicate that we all have massive potential - yet we use only a tiny fraction of it! Research in education is exploring new ways for schools to release more and more of this ability.

That’s what prompted me to write two non-fiction books for teenagers,

                                     Smart Thinking
                             Take The Sting Out Of Study

           (For more information on these books, click on the titles.)

You may wish to take the advice The Guardian (one the most respected newspapers in the UK) gave to parents:

             "Well worth making available - and reading yourself."

And What About YOUR OWN Confidence?

Most parents mean well. They want the best. But often they overlook the obvious: 

In parenting you must see to your own confidence first.
Raising children - especially teens! - isn’t easy. To succeed, you yourself must have a keen sense of self worth. You need to be emotionally balanced in order to meet the demands placed on you daily. 

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Probably the best parenting skills you can develop are high self-esteem and confidence.

The confidence of your children will follow naturally from yours. http:///Home.html

With personal confidence you'll be relaxed, you'll be self- assured, you'll be assertive, you'll cope in a crisis.

And parents who are relaxed, confident and caring will produce relaxed, confident and caring children.



Low Confidence And
Low Self-Esteem
Affect Parenting Skills

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