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 “My Aim Is To Amuse And Inspire
  You Through My Writing”


I live in Scotland, in a small town called Erskine. Author's home town

It has great access to beautiful countryside, yet it's only five minutes’ drive from Glasgow International Airport. That's a place I know really well, as my wife and I like to get away as often as possible and meet people from all around the world. We have two sons, a daughter and a border collie! The kids are almost grown up now and are doing really well, but our dog, Ben, keeps us busy.

My Teaching

For many years I was a full-time teacher.

I spent twelve years teaching in Notre Dame High School For Girls in Glasgow. Yes, I lived to tell the tale.

My subject was English, then I took a further qualification in Learning Support and spent some time as a Support Teacher.

I was also a Guidance Teacher, which meant I had responsibility for the welfare and development of a group of students. I used to enjoy hearing about the challenges in their lives and helping out as best I could.

Two years ago I gave up full-time teaching to concentrate on writing and to visit other schools giving talks on topics such as.
                        * Study Skills
                        * Personal Development 
                        * Confidence Building 
                        * My Fiction Books 
                        * Creative Writing.

Again, the best part of this was meeting young people and hearing what they had to say.

Author's school, Notre Dame High Last term I was asked if I'd go back to Notre Dame to do some 'supply' teaching. That's worked out at about two days per week, sometimes more.

It's  great, because now I'm able to split my time between the two things I love doing most: writing and teaching.

Recent Events

Rather than post my news on the main pages of the website, just follow this link to my Blog (to the uninitiated that's a Weblog, a place where you can catch up on my news and views and even add in replies or comments of your own).    

My Writing

Away from teaching I love writing and giving talks about my writing. I started writing only four years ago. Most writers tell you they started when they were kids at school, but I'm not one of them! My first books were two 'motivational books' for teens, followed by one for parents.

Many kids told me they enjoyed the little stories in the books, so I then asked myself, Why not write some fiction?

The result was Another Life, and I've written two more novels which are in the publishing pipeline. Details are on My Writing page.

At Home

                                Author's wife, Grace 

This is my wife, Grace. Our kids didn’t want their pictures included!

At home I love going to the theatre and the cinema, and I relax after a day's writing or teaching by playing the Blues and jazz on the piano.

I'm going to invest in an electronic digital piano soon, that way I'll be able to play in silent mode with headphones and not get complaints from the rest of the family!

All About Ben

Are you a dog-lover, like me? 

I love going for long walks in the Renfrewshire countryside with my wife, Grace, and Ben, our border collie.

We got Ben nine years ago from an old farmer who was struggling to keep his farm going.  Ben was only six weeks old and came from quite a large litter. When we arrived to see them, Ben came running out by himself and went straight to my daughter, Carol. He was unbelievably cute!

The farmer would only take £40, and we paid for Ben there and then. We had to wait a few weeks 'til he was ready to leave his mother. When we went back to collect him he came running out again and went straight to Carol!

Not long after that disaster nearly struck. Ben developed a life threatening illness. We had to pay a fortune in vet's fees, but little Ben pulled through. We since heard that all the other pups in the litter died, presumably from some virus they'd picked up at the farm. 

                                    Author's dog, Ben

But today Ben is as fit as a fiddle and has been a great companion for our kids as they were growing up.

Now many of our neighbours' kids take him out every day to play with them. You'll go a long way before you'll find a more gentle and friendly dog than Ben.

So we're glad we paid those vet's bills nine years ago and saved his life!


If you'd like to read more about my books, then visit the pages on the site. And if you want to, you can e-mail me with your comments or questions.

Maybe you'll even give me some ideas for future stories!

Keep reading and - above all! - enjoy life.


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